"Thank you for all the fine work you did for me.  I am deeply appreciative."

-- Gen. Colin Powell

What Hal's Clients Are Saying

  1. “Thank you for the talk you gave to our Press and Public Affairs Officers’ (PPAO) Annual Conference at the British Consulate General In Houston. As I told you, only the British ambassador in Washington has a full-time speechwriter, namely myself. Our consuls in other American cities rely on press and public affairs officers to write speeches as part of their regular duties. What we at PPAO wanted from you were some practical tips on how to write better speeches. That is exactly what you gave us. I heard a lot of positive feedback about the quality of your advice as well as your wit and erudition.” 

    -Sophie Adelman, Speechwriter to the British Ambassador to the United States 
  2. “You’re a genius!”

    —Blackstone Dilworth, Mr. South Texas 2018

  3. "In January 2010, Hal Gordon spoke to the U.K. Speechwriter's Guild in London at my invitation.  He delivered a witty and illuminating talk on the craft of speechwriting, in which he frequently impressed his audience by his familiarity with British history and politics.  Several of our members later asked for copies of the speech."

    -Brian Jenner, founder, U.K. Speechwriter's Guild

  4. "I have worked with a number of speechwriters, but Hal Gordon is by far the best. From understanding the speaker's goals, through conceptualizing a theme, to creating a speech uniquely tailored to the speaker, Hal has no peer. Hal's last effort for me was my address, as master of ceremonies, to my 35th law school reunion. Although I've seen Hal create very serious and weighty speeches for Colin Powell and others, he wrote some of the funniest material for my class reunion with which the audience was in hysterics, and I was Jay Leno for the night.”

    -William H. Shawn, Esq., ShawnCoulson, LLP
  5.  “Hal Gordon wrote a number of major speeches for me when I was president of Shell Oil.  In my opinion, he combines superior writing skills with a talent for making complex issues intelligible and interesting. In addition, he’s loyal and dependable; you can count on him to do whatever it takes to deliver a good product, on deadline.” 

    -John Hofmeister, former president, Shell Oil Company

  6. "I believe that any speaker would find Hal to be a cooperative, dedicated and able individual."

    -Norman R. Augustine, former chairman and CEO, Lockheed Martin


  7. "Hal -- Jim Mulva and I want to thank you for the excellent work you did in support of this year's Annual Stockholders Meeting. Your extraordinary contribution made the difference!" 

    -- Archie. W. Dunham, former chairman, ConocoPhillips
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